Finally, I return!

Hey guys! Long time, no blog. It has definitely been super crazy over here at Sweet Ann’s Soaps with the Brambleberry Soap Swap, and other orders! With school happening as well I just have not had time for much. Some new things have been happening since I last wrote to you, such as I finally started my youtube channel up. I upload a video every Monday, and soon I will have my BB Soap Swap Box Opening Video as well as some reviews of the 12 Soaps I will be getting! I also made my 3rd CP Soap(My second design) and it went really well, so that will be up on my blog maybe by Wednesday! Well I hope to see ya all soon!!


S.O.A.P. Team Winter 2014!!! MY AMAZING 10″ Silicone Loaf Mold!

I have been waiting for so long to write this post… And today Anne-Marie finally posted about the Winter 2014 S.O.A.P. Team!!! I would love to be in the S.O.A.P. Team as a fragrance tester for some of the new scents this year! I believe that I could add a special something to the team as a new soap maker who has spent every last scrap of her money(and my dad’s) on stuff for soaping. Being a member of this S.O.A.P. Team would allow me to expand my soap-making experience, and allow me to become better at my passion… Soap-making! I will also be able to spend time, effort, and money on this project, and turn everything in on time!!!

This Silicone Mold is the PERFECT mold for new soap makers who don’t fully understand the in’s and out’s of soap making! If you soap to hot, you can easily stuff a very thick traced soap into it and make it look good! You can insulate and experiment¬† with gelling. You can practice any swirl or recipe and not have to worry about making more than 9(or ten if you don’t give out samples) bars. I got this mold as an extra cause I had a little extra cash in the bank and I wanted to use all the room in my 30.00$ shipping box. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!¬† This is my saving grace for any kind of soap: hot process, cold process, and cpop(YES YOU CAN CPOP!!!)

Go and buy this amazing mold and other soaping supplies at



Happy New Year-What are a Your New Year’s Resolution

Here in Colorado we still have over 3 hours till we ring in 2014… I am not one to ever have ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, but as we inch closer to the big ball drop I thought I would make just a few soap-related resolutions…
1.To stop keeping myself up watching soaping101, soapqueen tv, and sudsnsuchllc YouTube videos(I am telling you I lose about two hours of sleep every night like by watching them)
2.To master my soap recipe so it will not go to thick trace after two minutes…
3.To master my drop swirl
4.To make a soap for every month(12 different soaps, but not a soap a month. I don’t have that kind of money… SMALL BUSINESS OWNER HERE)
5. To grow my business and provide excellent soap and service for all of you amazing customers…

This year we have also seen 5 amazing things that are both soap and non-soap related…
1.I started a business on the 21 of June with a small soap-making kit which contained a pound each of clear and white melt and pour, 1 fragrance, 1 turtle and frog mold, and three .5 oz of primary colors…
2. I turned 15 and got my permit…
3. I welcomed a new little “nephew” Gideon James in November
4.I made my 1st Cold Process Soap
5.My best friend came home from California
Well any way we have 4 minutes till the ball drops in NYC so I hope you have fun and a happy healthy New Year!!!
If you would like to view any of my products visit Sweet Ann’s Soaps !!

Cutting The Soap-A Horrific Undertaking

So the soap was finally ready to be cut some where around 11 last night…. Which meant, being my inpatient self, that I had to cut it right there and then… I had already cut the first batch probably Saturday morning(way to early since I made it Friday night), and after waiting almost 36 hours(you’re supposed to weight 48 to 72) I cut the soap… It turned out really well compared to the first batch, but could have gone another 24 before cutting. It had minimal glycerine rivers and unlike a few of the pieces from the first batch… NO HOLES caused by quick trace… Right below I have pics of both soaps, which have yet tot be cleaned up…

On the bottom is the second batch(the one with more white) and the top is the first batch…I don’t know which I like more…. After a couple of days the first batch started looking really good and hopefully that is what my second batch will do…. Both of these bars will be available at Sweet Ann’s Soaps by the end of the week for less than 5 dollars(plus 5.15 or less shipping and handling) so please go and check it out… THANK YOU!!!
~Eve from Sweet Ann’s Soaps

My Second Soaping Experiance

I soaped again once more yesterday morning. It turned out A LOT better than my first try!!! Although it still traced rather quickly(it was medium to thick 5 or 6 minutes after lye/oil contact), it still have me plenty of time to do a layer kind of thing with a chop stick swirl top!

20131225-213805.jpg Once I get good at this I will start giving you recipes so if you want to try you can. Now that I am officially out of oil for making cold process soaps I must retreat back to the safety of melt-and-pour. I hope I can either sell these quickly or some of my custom melt-and-pour or it’ll be a while be for l can ‘refine’ my recipe… I have already cut both of my try’s and I will post the results for you tomorrow (I need to clean my soap table). For now I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas!!! Remember to look up Sweet Ann’s Soaps and tune in tomorrow!!

The First Time

Hi there!!! Welcome to Sweet Ann’s Soap’s blog! I thought for my first post I would tell you about my first time making Cold Process Soap(only about a week ago). This first time turned out about as horrible as it could be. My soap traced super fast, and my drop swirl turned into a layered spoon swirl… NOT WHAT I WAS GOING FOR! I have read up on making cold process soap a lot, for at least 6 months, but I guess I heard wrong and thought the hotter it was the slower it traced…. WRONG!!! Well anyway have a good day all!!