S.O.A.P. Team Winter 2014!!! MY AMAZING 10″ Silicone Loaf Mold!

I have been waiting for so long to write this post… And today Anne-Marie finally posted about the Winter 2014 S.O.A.P. Team!!! I would love to be in the S.O.A.P. Team as a fragrance tester for some of the new scents this year! I believe that I could add a special something to the team as a new soap maker who has spent every last scrap of her money(and my dad’s) on stuff for soaping. Being a member of this S.O.A.P. Team would allow me to expand my soap-making experience, and allow me to become better at my passion… Soap-making! I will also be able to spend time, effort, and money on this project, and turn everything in on time!!!

This Silicone Mold is the PERFECT mold for new soap makers who don’t fully understand the in’s and out’s of soap making! If you soap to hot, you can easily stuff a very thick traced soap into it and make it look good! You can insulate and experiment  with gelling. You can practice any swirl or recipe and not have to worry about making more than 9(or ten if you don’t give out samples) bars. I got this mold as an extra cause I had a little extra cash in the bank and I wanted to use all the room in my 30.00$ shipping box. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!  This is my saving grace for any kind of soap: hot process, cold process, and cpop(YES YOU CAN CPOP!!!)

Go and buy this amazing mold and other soaping supplies at Brambleberry.com




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