Cutting The Soap-A Horrific Undertaking

So the soap was finally ready to be cut some where around 11 last night…. Which meant, being my inpatient self, that I had to cut it right there and then… I had already cut the first batch probably Saturday morning(way to early since I made it Friday night), and after waiting almost 36 hours(you’re supposed to weight 48 to 72) I cut the soap… It turned out really well compared to the first batch, but could have gone another 24 before cutting. It had minimal glycerine rivers and unlike a few of the pieces from the first batch… NO HOLES caused by quick trace… Right below I have pics of both soaps, which have yet tot be cleaned up…

On the bottom is the second batch(the one with more white) and the top is the first batch…I don’t know which I like more…. After a couple of days the first batch started looking really good and hopefully that is what my second batch will do…. Both of these bars will be available at Sweet Ann’s Soaps by the end of the week for less than 5 dollars(plus 5.15 or less shipping and handling) so please go and check it out… THANK YOU!!!
~Eve from Sweet Ann’s Soaps


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