My Second Soaping Experiance

I soaped again once more yesterday morning. It turned out A LOT better than my first try!!! Although it still traced rather quickly(it was medium to thick 5 or 6 minutes after lye/oil contact), it still have me plenty of time to do a layer kind of thing with a chop stick swirl top!

20131225-213805.jpg Once I get good at this I will start giving you recipes so if you want to try you can. Now that I am officially out of oil for making cold process soaps I must retreat back to the safety of melt-and-pour. I hope I can either sell these quickly or some of my custom melt-and-pour or it’ll be a while be for l can ‘refine’ my recipe… I have already cut both of my try’s and I will post the results for you tomorrow (I need to clean my soap table). For now I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas!!! Remember to look up Sweet Ann’s Soaps and tune in tomorrow!!


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